PAYG deal calculates the best* pay as you go deal available for your current mobile usage.

Simply enter what you use below and press calculate to see the results - cheapest at the top.

All of the options shown have no monthly contract and are either pay as you go, or pay as you go with an add-on that you can purchase from your credit.

Tap the option column for more information, to order a sim card or to check network coverage.

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In a month I use texts, minutes, MB of data.

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In order to use this calculator effectively you need to enter in the number of texts, minutes and MB of data that you use each month. If you don’t use mobile internet at all then just leave the “data” field blank, or put a 0 in it. Then hit “Calculate Best Tariff”.

The calculator then works out how much each option would cost and orders the results from the cheapest at the top, to the most expensive at the bottom. The cost in the right hand column includes the price of any add on i.e. it is the total monthly cost.

The best option will be near to the top, but it is worth having a look at the top few as they all have different advantages. To investigate these click on / hover your mouse over the “option” column and the middle cells will display new information:

  1. The first will provide you with a link for more details about the option. Here you can look at the specific terms and conditions. You should always do this before making a purchase (no need to do it before ordering a free sim) because the mobile operator may have made a very recent change to their service.

  2. The second is a link to order a free sim. Even if you think you only might want a sim from them, put an order in! This is because the sims can take a few days to come through. So order from the 2 or 3 companies you think will give you the best deal, so that when you do decide you can start making use of them straight away!

    There are certain benefits to using the link that is provided in this column e.g. a giffgaff sim ordered using this link comes with £5 free credit once you activate it! Whereas if you order via a different link then you don’t :(.

  3. The third link will take you to a coverage checker. This is an important stage in any purchase because if you don’t get a decent mobile signal, then the phone is useless. It’s worth checking your home, work place and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. This is one of the key points where one operator, although slightly cheaper may not be the best option if it has poorer coverage!

    One more thing to note, some networks actually use a different operators' network, so don’t be surprised if you click on the giffgaff coverage checker and you end up at the o2 site. Just remember to return to when you come to order your sim since you need a giffgaff sim if you want the giffgaff deal (not an o2 sim).

Another point to consider is whether your phone is locked. If your phone is locked to a specific network then you will need to get it unlocked, or buy a sim free phone, before you can use it with any network. There are some exceptions e.g. because giffgaff uses the o2 network, then a phone locked to the o2 network will still work with giffgaff, neat isn’t it!

While we are here, it is worth mentioning that the mobile operator “Three” requires you to have a 3G enabled phone even if you don’t want to use the internet. You can do this by texting ‘mobile’ to 78333 but standard network rates apply (i.e. it will cost you the price of a text).

It is important to note that this calculator should be used as a guide and not the sole basis for choosing a mobile phone tariff. It is here to alert you the best deals that has found when trawling through the internet. The monthly tariffs are calculated using information collected from the terms and conditions sections of the different operators’ websites.

The purpose of this site is to try and help you save some money. There are numerous sites out there that give you the best pay monthly options, but very few for pay as you go customers. So this site has been set up to provide options to those who don’t like to be tied into a contract and want control over their spending.

The pay as you go sim cards can be ordered free through the links on this page and topped up using top up vouchers bought either in shops or online. Take giffgaff for example: you can buy a giffgaff or o2 top up voucher from a shop e.g. WHSmiths (and no they didn’t give me anything to say that!) and simply top up by dialling 43430 – no credit card needed! If you don’t use your credit card at any stage then you won’t get any unexpected charges.

A key advantage of using pay as you go is that you are not tied into any form of contract. That means if you find that you are using more or less than you were, you can simply enter your new usage into this calculator and see if it’s worth changing tariff. If it is, next month just use a different option! Equally, if you find yourself struggling with the bills then there are no cancellation charges, just don’t buy another add on!

The cost of the data is calculated assuming that whatever data you enter is spread out evenly over the entire month. This means that tariffs that charge a data day rate become very expensive after any free allowance has been used.

If you ever see N/A that is because the particular pay as you go tariff is either ridiculously expensive or your usage would exceed their data fair usage policy.

If you want unlimited texts (for example) just put a load of 9's in the box e.g. 9999999, and the calculator will work it out!

The tariffs shown are the ones that you can get if you sign up today. The reason I mention that is that some plans change the amount you get after a certain period. For example o2's 3G Pay & Go Go Go tariff (shortened to "3G Go" in the calculator) doubles what it gives you if you pay for the deal for 3 consecutive months. However that effectively means you are "tied in" and hence it has not been taken into consideration when performing the calculations.

Some tariffs give you free extras when you top up. Examples of these are the Vodaphone “Text&Web”, the Orange “Dolphin” and the Orange “Canary”. That means that when you top up you get the extras along with the top up credit. The calculator uses up the free allowances, followed by the initial top up credit, before increasing the monthly cost above the amount you topped up by.

Good luck finding the best pay as you go mobile phone deal for you!

I hope this has been helpful!

If you notice an inaccuracy, or are a mobile operator and want a deal added / removed please get in contact by email:

* has produced a calculator which aims to calculate the best pay as you go tariff, but offers this free service without warranty or guarantee.
Mobile operators may make changes, whilst this site aims to remain up-to-date, please check their terms and conditions before making a purchase.